COVID-19 Safety Protocol

  • Hazard Surcharge

    For our Care Providers, we attached a small hourly hazard surcharge to accommodate for the additional risk. This charge will be removed after the risk of infection has passed.

  • In-House Food Prep

    In-house food preparation services will be suspended until 2021.

  • Dress Code

    When health risks are present, Care Providers are required to wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, disposable gloves underneath rubber gloves, and a mask.

  • Occupancy During Visit

    During the threat of COVID-19, we require the home be vacant for the duration of the service. Special accommodations can be made and is to the discretion of our Chief Executor.

  • Home Management and Shopping

    During the threat of COVID-19, home management and shopping transactions are to occur either outside the home or via zoom.

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