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Transform Your Space
Enhance Your Wellness

Where your environment meets your wellness, transformation begins. Discover the power of a space designed to enhance your life.

About Self Care Housekeeping

Self Care Housekeeping is a first-of-its-kind, highly sought after, spatial health and wellness service.  As spatial health practitioners, we utilize our knowledge of how space and other external factors impacts wellbeing to help clean, organize and understand our clients homes.  Our expertise allows us to guide our clients homes from dysregulated to healthy and functional so that they can live the lives that they deserve.

Modern Living Room

What is Spatial Health & Wellness?

Spatial wellbeing is a relatively new concept that focuses on how the physical environment - such as our homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces - can affect our emotional and physical health. Studies show that our surroundings can have a significant impact on our stress levels, mood, and overall wellbeing. This means that if we can create spaces that are conducive to health and wellness, we can better support our overall wellbeing.

Compassionate Care in Your Home

Our approach to housekeeping is rooted in compassion. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and supportive environment while respecting your space and individual needs. From the moment we begin our work, we ensure that compassion guides every step of our housekeeping process, allowing us to provide a caring, non-judgmental service.

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Our Services

Living Room
Standard Care

Our standard cleaning and decluttering service not only provides a clean and organized living space, but also promotes wellness by reducing stress and improving mental clarity.

Cleaning the Table
Deep Care

Our deep cleaning and decluttering service takes it to another level, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, improve air quality, and create a more peaceful, nurturing environment.


Healthy Salad
Meal Plans

We have a magnificent local chef curating a weekly menu just for you!  Get your head, heart, and home together with Self Care's Meal Prep services prepared by Confluence Catering!

How It Works

Typing on a Computer

Step 1:
Fill out our Intake Form

In only a few minutes, your intake form will provide us with the necessary information to schedule your cleaning and decluttering service. 


Step 2:
Confirm your Appointment

We'll send you a quote and a date and time for the service based on our team's availability.

Bright Living Room

Step 3:
Enjoy your decluttered home

Let us help transform your space into a peaceful oasis through our judgment-free cleaning and decluttering process.

Isn't it time to invest in Self Care?
Selfcare Housekeeping

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We are certified in Trauma-Informed Housekeeping

We are proud to announce that we are now certified in trauma-informed housekeeping by the Spatial Health & Wellness Institute. Our team has undergone specialized training to understand the impact of trauma and create a safe and supportive environment for our clients. If you are interested in becoming certified in trauma-informed housekeeping, feel free to contact us for more information on how you can receive this valuable certification through our program.

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Core Values


 We prioritize the well-being of our customers and employees above all else. We strive to create a and secure environment for everyone who interacts with our brand.


We use effective cleaning products and techniques and work closely with clients to meet their specific needs. Trust us to keep your home clean and organized.


We take the privacy and security of our clients' information very seriously. We ensure that all sensitive data is kept confidential and only accessible to authorized personnel. 

Stress Reduction

 W provide our clients with a clean and organized space that promotes relaxation and peace of mind. Let us take care of the cleaning, so you can focus on what really matters.

Service Area

We currently service Allegheny County, PA and Detroit, MI. We are always expanding. If you would like Self Care in your hometown, send us a line and let us know!

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