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Self Care Housekeeping

Self Care Housekeeping is your home wellness service created to help improve overall wellbeing by tending to your head, heart, and home. Our techniques are specially designed to limit stress triggers in the home and create a healthy and effective living spaces.

Our Founder

"I started Self Care Housekeeping because I needed it and there wasn't a company, organization, or service that provided what I needed.  After being diagnosed with 'unspecified bipolar disorder,' I recognized that when my space was in disarray, it was an indicator that I was depressed and needed assistance.  As a social worker, I knew It couldn't be just anyone.  It had to be someone who understood mental health and could respect my space.  Self Care Housekeeping is my life's work.  I've always been committed to helping others in a meaningful way and here we are.  I can honestly say we do that with Self Care."  -- Shanon J. Williams

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