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Safety Protocol


Decline of Service

We reserve the right to pass on any request for service without explanation. This is especially true during the threat of deadly infection.

Hazard Surcharge

For our Care Providers, we reserve the right to attach a small hourly hazard surcharge to accommodate for the additional risk. This charge will be removed after the risk of infection has passed.

Dress Code

When health risks are present, Care Providers are required to wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, disposable gloves underneath rubber gloves, and a mask.

Occupancy During Visit

We require the home be either vacant or occupants maintain distance from Self Care staff by not entering the room being worked in or maintaining 10ft of distance for the duration of the service. Special accommodations can be made and is to the discretion of our Chief Executor.

Home Management and Shopping

Home management and shopping transactions are to occur either outside the home or via zoom.

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