Friends don't let friends go without a high fiber diet and plenty of water!  It's hard keeping a well-balanced diet while going through life's ups and downs.  That's why we have a magnificent local chef curating a weekly menu just for you!  Get your head, heart, and home together with Self Care's Meal Prep services!

Minimum of 3 meals per order

Kids meals are just $5.00!

Families of 4+ receive 20% off of complete order

All orders delivered Sunday and Monday

Menu for the week of February 10th.


Lunch: Honey-Chipotle glazed Chicken  served with smoked broccoli and mashed potatoes-$11

Dinner: Jerk Salmon over Rice and beans and cabbage- $12


Lunch: Apricot glazed Chicken served with spinach rice and roasted squash- $10

Dinner: BBQ Shrimp Skewers over pineapple brown rice and spinach -$12


Lunch: Chicken Parmesan with smoked tomato sauce - $11

Dinner: Cajun Chicken served over vegetable pasta- $11


Lunch: Smoked Salmon Rice Bowl- $11

Dinner:Lamb, Spinach and Feta Quesadilla  with fresh mango salsa and mint yogurt sauce- $12




Lunch: Baked Cod served with mint mango chutney and fingerling potatoes-$10

Dinner:Baked Ranch Wings served with yam cakes and mac and cheese- $12


Delivery Day


Carlos Thomas, Executive Chef

Confluence Catering

Confluence (n) origin: Latin from the word; Confluere: flow together.  ~ Good food and good people = a great time."

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