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After tackling the world, cleaning can sometimes be the last thing on our minds.  Sometimes, the state of our physical space is a representation of our mental and emotional space.  Sometimes, it’s not as easy as just doing it.  Sometimes a little help is not only appreciated, it truly is needed.

Our cleaning packages are designed to tailor to your Self Care needs. 

We offer the following services:


Disinfecting – this includes wiping down any hard horizontal surfaces with appropriate cleaning agents.


Tidy – this includes putting items back in their proper place, making the bed, pushing in chairs, and restoring order to a room.


Dishes – washing dishes; being sure that your cookware and flatware are properly degreased and disinfected.


Floors – sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, shampooing, and refinishing.


Windows/Mirrors – buffing windows and mirrors with the appropriate cleaning agent, ensuring that there are no smudges


Stainless Steel – buffing stainless steel items with appropriate cleaning agents to ensure there are no prints and smudges, and is properly disinfected.


Laundry – to the specifications of the client, articles of clothing, and laundry machines.  We like to throw in a special touch, but only if you are ok with it!


Bathrooms – we take bathrooms very seriously.  We disinfect, degrease, and de-scum top to bottom and take measures for continued clean, even after we’ve gone!


Walls/Baseboards – No one likes to do it.  Let us handle it for you.


Contact us for more detail and to schedule your appointment!

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