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Self Care Workshops

Our immersive workshops are the perfect way to explore wellbeing for yourself, loved ones, and clients and learn effective techniques to make critical changes for the whole self.

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Workshop Options

You can choose from our workshops or we can curate a workshop that is perfect for the needs of your group.  Our workshops are as follows:

Intro to Self Care

Dive into wellness by exploring challenges in the home through the lens of the head and heart!  This immersive workshop helps you identify what stress looks like in the home and develop healthy coping and management skills to get you, your loved ones, and clients to a better state of wellbeing.

Self Care Kids! 

Kids are people, too!  It's hard finding effective ways to help the little ones keep tidy.  It's even harder to recognize when they might be struggling (yes, kids have life issues, too.)  This immersive experience is to help you understand the brains, bodies, and lifestyles of children from toddlers to teens.  Understanding is the first step to finding effective ways to manage and provide support!

Custom Workshop

A workshop created to your specifications!  You have the vision, we have the know-how.  Let's make it happen!

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