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Clutter is a common issue that so many of us experience without realizing the lasting, harmful effects it has on us.  We provide services to help restore order within your space so that you can feel and be healthy on the inside and out.  Organizing services start at $24.99/hr.

We offer the following services:


Re-Setting – putting things back in their proper place and bed-making.


Storage Solutions – sometimes, clutter is a matter of finding a working space for your possessions.  We help with figuring that out and can even provide some of the storage items necessary to make that happen!


Consolidation Solutions – life happens to our personal space.  When it does, it can build up and just get in the way.  We can help with managing all the things life has accumulated for you so you aren’t trippin’ over life (did you see what we did there?)


Planning – sometimes, having a schedule makes it easier to maintain things at home.  We can help with that!


*Free initial consultations are available upon request.  Consultations are scheduled based on best available time.


Contact us for more detail and to schedule your appointment!