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#CareTip – Dish Control

We’ve all been there.  Maybe your life has gotten super busy, lately.  Or perhaps work isn’t as fulfilling as it once was.  Or perhaps that special someone is no longer special, or just no longer around.  Whatever the case may be, you feel – drained.  Mental and emotional drain makes usual habits, like cooking and cleaning seem like the hardest obstacles to overcome, at times.  Here’s a little secret to how we manage home life, while making it through bouts of depression and emotional exhaustion.

Whenyou start feeling a little down or overwhelmed, switch to disposable plates, bowls, and plasticware as much as possible.  We always keep a stash of them, for this specific reason.  It’s very important that you acknowledge how you are feeling and remind yourself that it’s ok to feel that way.  Think of all the things that could be causing these feelings and what you can do to stop them from having the negative affects that they are having.  Be it a change of scenery, the company that you keep (even if it’s temporary,) or taking some time to rest.  Anything that will help you heal, consider how you can make that happen.

If things still get a little out of hand, that’s ok, too.  Depression isn’t an easy thing to navigate and it is important to have support while you tend to your self care.  That’s what we’re here for!  Contact us, if you need a little extra help around the house.  We’re here to serve you while you take care of your main priority – you!

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