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Giving Tuesday is for Reciprocity!

Our founder, Shanon, is a woman of many talents and passions. One of those passions is ensuring people have what they need to succeed. One way she does this is through a community organization she founded. The Wellness Collective is a mutual aid society representing Allegheny County. Since 2019, they have been providing support for thousands of neighbors with food, essentials, rent, mental health and wellness support, transportation, employment, and so much more. The Wellness Collective is home to several current and upcoming ventures such as Mental Wellness Speed Dating, helping people find the right mental wellness practitioner without the hassle, and MOMS Virtual Assistants, a VA firm providing back office support for businesses and families by hiring moms of dependent children so that they can work from home making a livable wage without sacrificing quality of care for their children. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, we would like to encourage you to donating to The Wellness Collective so that the mission of empowering people by ensuring basic needs are met. To say thank you for your contribution of $25 or more, you will receive 30% off of your next service with Self Care Housekeeping. If you choose to become a member of The Collective and commit a monthly contribution of $25 or more, you will receive 50% percent off of your next visit with Self Care! This is our way of saying thank you for caring about your fellow neighbor. Thank you!

*This offer currently applies to Allegheny County, PA and Detroit, MI.*

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