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Our services start at $34.99/hr


After tackling the world, cleaning can sometimes be the last thing on our minds.  Sometimes, the state of our physical space is a representation of our mental and emotional space.  Sometimes, it’s not as easy as just doing it.  Sometimes a little help is not only appreciated, it truly is needed.

Our cleaning packages are designed to tailor to your Self Care needs.  



Food.  It’s a thing.  But, sometimes, it’s such a huge task just figuring out what a balanced meal is, that we opt for junk and takeout.  That’s bad for our bodies, minds, and souls.  

Image by Christiann Koepke


Clutter is a common issue that so many of us experience without realizing the lasting, harmful effects it has on us.  We provide services to help restore order within your space so that you can feel and be healthy on the inside and out.  

Image by Jeff Sheldon


We’ve been there.  Letting bills pile up simply because we can’t deal with it, at the time.  Important documents lost in seemingly endless piles of papers.  It’s not easy to stay on track sometimes.  Let us assist in making sure things stay on track, even during those tough times.  

Start My Self Care
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